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Arvin Ahmadi is the author of Down and Across and Girl Gone Viral. He grew up outside Washington, DC, graduated from Columbia University, and worked in the tech industry prior to becoming a full-time writer. When he's not reading or writing books, he can be found watching late-night talk show interviews* and editing Wikipedia pages. He lives in New York City.

*His favorite talk show hosts, in no particular order, are Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Seth Meyers. Jimmy Fallon is pretty great too. And James Corden for Carpool Karaoke, obviously. But why limit ourselves to just late-night? Ellen DeGeneres is the absolute best. And Wendy Williams—sometimes you just need a little Wendy pick-me-up, you know? I also dabble in the morning shows (I know I just switched pronouns, the whole third person thing was getting weird). When I was a kid, I would wake up an hour or two before school every morning to watch the Today Show, so that one has a special place in my heart. Additional shoutouts to Robin Roberts, Kelly Ripa, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell… and while we’re on the topic of broadcast television, allow me to broadcast my love for Christiane Amanpour and Anderson Cooper. Journalism matters! The truth matters! All right, I’ve gone off on enough tangents. This has nothing to do with books. My apologies. Carry on.


Author photos by Joe Power.

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